Human Value

Right Understanding

Right Understanding

We all know that the Human Desire is to be in continuous happiness which is the need of I (self). But do you know, from where Continuous happiness will come? No, right!

So continuous happiness is to be in Right Understanding, Right Feeling, and Right Thought that is Activity of I (Self).

Do you know about Resolution?

No? Ok! Here it is-

Resolution is the mix-up of Right Feeling and Right thought, or say the clarity of Right Understanding, Wisdom, Science, Behaviour, Work, Participation in a large order, Undivided Human Society, Universal Human Order and Human Tradition in which Human goal is fulfilled.

In this phenomenon, The Right Understanding, Wisdom (Identification of Human Goal) and Science (How to fulfil Human Goal) is in the Self (I).

Behaviour, Work, and participation in larger order work as a Human Being which is Self (I) and Body.

Undivided Human Society, Universal Human Order, and Human tradition work as Outsider.

Right understanding is essentially seeing the essence of the reality as it is, i.e. seeing the part that is definite, universal and continuous.

Right Understanding also give us the vision to see-

  • Form = Shape, Size, density of unit
  • Property = effect of unit, recognition-fulfilment by unit.

There are also much things which is to-

Seeing through sensation

  • Form (Shape, Size, Colour)
  • Some part of property (effect on other unit)

Seeing what is rational

  • Some part of property (effect on other unit)

Seeing what is existential 

  • Natural Characteristics (Participation in larger order)
  • Innateness (Self organization)
  • Co-existence (Submergence)

 Participation of Human Being in Entire Nature

To understand the inherent harmony in nature and to live accordingly, i.e.

  • To facilitate a conducive environment for the activity (at least not violate it) of all orders
  • To facilitate the innateness (or at least not violate it) of all orders
  • To ensure the inheritance (or at least not violate it) of all orders
Right Understanding
  1. Physical order is Soil, Water, Air, etc.
  2. Animal Order is Animals and Birds.
  3. Bio Order is Plant, Tress.
  4. Human order is Human Being.

Participation of Human Being with Rest of Nature

  • Preservation (enrichment, protection and right utilization) of rest of nature
  • Prosperity, fulfilment of human needs (in a manner that preserves nature)

i.e. by:

  • Protecting its innateness
  • Protecting and enriching its inheritance
  • Making right utilization of nature, in line with its activity

(or at least not violating their innateness, inheritance or activity)

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