Human Value

Where We Are

Where We Are


We exist as human being. We want to live a fulfilling life. We have some desires and we have some programs for the fulfilment of it.

We need to understand our basic aspiration and program for its fulfillment correctly and comprehensively. Only then, we can ensure fulfillment.

We should explore ourselves in more depth to understand the human reality. For which there is a statement-

“Self is central to human existence.”

Here, we assumed some purpose in life and we have some program for the fulfilment of the set purpose.

This setting up of the purpose depends upon our assumptions about-

  1. Human Being
  2. Existence
Where We Are

Here, Human being is a coexistence between the body and the self.

Self is known as inner soul of us which like to take decisions and give the orders to the body.

For Existence, it is the thing which submerged in the space and have two parts known as Consciousness and Material.

The purpose of all these is Happiness through sensation or feeling from other. But happiness should be in the state of harmony. Hence, you have to understand and to live in harmony at all levels (individual, family, society, nature/existence).

Program: Accumulation of Physical Facility

Where We Are

If you will understand yourself, you will find that-

Your attention is beginning to be drawn toward your Self

  1. Shift from thoughts like “I am special; I have to dominate over others”
  2. You have started thinking about “what is my real goal, as a human being”
  3. You have started becoming aware of your desires, thoughts & expectations
  4. There is less contradiction within.

You are realising that the goal is more than ‘accumulation of physical facility’

  1. You are thinking about prosperity (versus accumulation of physical facility)
  2. You are able to see that everyone can be prosperous

You are realising the significance of relationship

  1. You can see that feeling is central in relationship
  2. You are realising that having the feelings in yourself and expressing these feelings to the other is the source of your happiness
  3. Expecting the feelings from the other is enslavement and cannot be a source of continuous happiness. visible improvement in reaction, irritation, anger

You can see that you have to first develop your own competence

  1. Effort to first correct the other or the situation outside has reduced/stopped

You have decided to understand things in depth yourself

  • You have questions for which you are committed to find answers

Two important points to be noted are:

  1. The need for the feeling of prosperity is a part of being in a state of continuous happiness (to be in harmony at all levels)
  2. Expression in mutual relation with human being and rest of nature, in terms of behavior and work, is a natural outcome of the understanding of co-existence and feeling & thought of co-existence

Realizing: ‘The Self (I) is central to human existence Body is used as an Instrument’

  • I desire for continuous happiness (to be in harmony) – Need of Self(I)
  • Which is fulfilled by                                       – Activity of Self(I)
  • Understanding of co-existence
  • Feeling & thought of co-existence

Understanding: ‘Human Being is coexistence of Self (I) & Body’

  1. I think/desire for continuity of happiness & prosperity. Physical facility is required for nurturing, protecting and right utilisation of body
  2. My program is to understand & to live in harmony at all levels of being

Assuming: ‘Human Being is Body’

  1. I expect continuous happiness & prosperity from physical facility, sensation & feeling from other. Requirement of physical facility is undefined/unlimited
  2. Accumulation of physical facility is my program

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